I Hate to Criticize, But...

Professional Writers and Broadcasters 

Are Murdering the English Language.

By Gordon K. Andersen
(376 pp., including index)
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The English language gets battered more ferociously every day, wherever we see and hear it used. Blaming the education systems is certainly fair, but it's just as much the fault of our role models on the air and in print — TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc., even billboards and matchcovers.

Unlike any other book on language abuse, this one aims solely and squarely at professional communicators, those who are paid, often quite handsomely, to deliver messages to us via various media.

These are people who really should know better than to take their cues from teenage texters, e-mail abbreviators, sports ad-libbers, and other less reliable sources. They fail to realize that there are multitudes of readers and listeners groaning and rolling their eyeballs at so much of what they see and hear.

Of course, the language changes over time, but it shouldn't be wrenched so painfully out of shape as quickly as we've seen it in recent days. In our modern society, image is everything, and images of our professional writers and broadcasters are being tarnished daily. It's a sad thing to watch.

If you have any "nitpicker" friends, give them this book. They will love you forever.

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